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About us

About us

        Jiangxi Liansheng Food Co., Ltd is a food processing enterprise that is invested by Mr. Yu Changwan in Shuinanyu Township, Guangchang County, which was formerly called Guangchang Liansheng Food Co., Ltd. Its registered capital is RMB 10 million Yuan, total project investment is RMB 20 million Yuan in which fixed-asset investment is RMB 10 million Yuan. Founded in 2007, the Company has become a famous new modern privately-operated enterprise integrated with planting, scientific research, purchase, processing and sales through development for several years. With the mission of “high technology and high quality” and operation principle of “honest business, people ...



Contact: Mr. Yu Changwan

Phone: 13879451599

Tel: 0794-7103333

Email: 2237411901@qq.com

Add: Guangchang County Industrial Park, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province

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